7 Romantic Things to Do on a Langkawi Honeymoon
7 Romantic Things to Do on a Langkawi Honeymoon
7 Romantic Things to Do on a Langkawi Honeymoon 15. September 2019
Some places simply make us want to revel in love and some experiences make us want to fall in love. The ocean oozes a certain romance – walks on the beach at sunset, where the fluffy sand seems to go on forever. When one thinks of romantic beach honey-moons, perhaps the Maldives or Hawaii comes to mind. The little gem that is Langkawi, however, is quickly becoming the tropical destination of choice, especially for couples on their honeymoon.

Langkawi is a cluster of 99 islands in the Andaman Sea, about 30km off the mainland coast of northwestern Malaysia. However, only 4 of the islands are inhabited. Aside from its beautiful beaches, this little island is oozing with sunshine and culture yet leaving one with an intimate and memorable experience even for those that aren’t fanatics of the sun or getting sand in between their toes.

Here are some of the highlights that you must get up to!

Langkawi Sky Bridge

1. Take a Romantic Walk across the Langkawi Sky Bridge

Go on a walk with your loved one on the Langkawi Sky Bridge. Suspended from an 82m high single pylon at about 328ft above ground, this is the free span and curved bridge in the world. This allows you to have a bird’s-eye view of unexplored parts of the island and even Langkawi’s best-known mountain, Gunung Mat Cicang. Straight bridges always have the same end in sight but this gives you an ever-changing perspective of the sights as you walk across it – also great for taking plenty of photographs with your loved one while having an intimate time with nature.

Skytrex Adventure

2. Get Sweaty Together on The Skytrex Adventure

If spotting Guning Mat Cicang from afar isn’t enough for you, perhaps consider going on this forest adventure set in the rainforest in Mat Cicang itself! This is an adventure like no other as you get to live out your Tarzan and Jane fantasies in safety – it’s a tree-to-tree “sky-trekking” experience in which you swing and glide and even fly across the rainforest while tackling a variety of aerial obstacles. Get your adrenaline pumping with this heart-stopping activity. Sharing new experiences is great for building intimacy.

3. Venture into the Colourful Underwater World at Pulau Payar

Enjoy the company of not only your sweetheart but the hundreds of sea creatures as you snorkel past resplendent views of vibrant and colourful coral reefs. With up to 30-50 feet visibility in the surrounding calm and clear waters, Pulau Payar is a popular snorkeling and scuba-diving destination. This underwater adventure will be a shared memory to look back on.

Langkawi Night Market

4. Take in the Sights and Sounds at Ayer Hangat Friday Night Market with Your Love

Pop by this bustling night market for a little something local if your honeymoon happens to fall on a Friday! Stroll down the street stalls hand-in-hand and enjoy a heartwarming taste of local delights. It’s a chance for the both of you to talk, laugh, get lost in each other’s eyes, and connect in a meaningful way. Food is the highlight of the place but it has a bit of everything as well. Be sure to get some Nasi Kerabu to share. It is the most popular dish at the market and has influence from Pattani, the south of Thailand. Opens at 5pm till late, every Friday.


5. Relax With Your Sweetheart At The Natural Salt Water Jacuzzi, Air Hangat Village

Wind down with a relaxing, steamy spa session at these outdoor saltwater springs that are au naturel and one of the only three in the world. Submerge in a beautiful experience with your loved one; relax and rejuvenate your mind and body in Air Hangat Village. The place also offers a rustic peep into the local culture with cultural shows, souvenir shops, Malaysian dance and Batik painting.

Langkawi 3D Museum

6. Get Enchanted at Langkawi Art in Paradise 3D Museum

For lovebirds who are interested in the arts, this is where you can get your fix! Visit the amazing Art in Paradise 3D Museum – the largest 3D museum in Malaysia houses over 200 elaborate paintings & murals offering optical illusions. Many of these optical illusions also seem to exist out of their two-dimensional canvases as an interactive way to engage the viewers. It’ll most definitely be an eye-opening experience to explore the museum with your loved one. Sneak in a kiss or two in a photo-graph to remember this sweet memory!

Langkawi Beach

7. Catch the Sunset with Your Love at Pantai Penang Beach

Enjoy the sunset amidst romantic privacy and in the arms of your loved one. Little needs to be said about Langkawi’s enchanting beaches! These 3 are a few favourites – turquoise seas, white sands and the warmth of the sun on your skin. Take a leisurely stroll down the beach. Sunbathe on the beach till twilight, then make a toast to love amidst the crashing of waves and a crisp salty breeze.

If you’re planning to take a trip to catch the last few rays of summer, consider this romantic island. Spoil yourselves silly at a luxury spa, trek mountains, sunbathe while overlooking azure seas. It’s a magical honeymoon destination for two. Romance has never been this easy.