Instagram-worthy: Singapore’s Best Places for a Selfie or Groupie
Instagram-worthy: Singapore’s Best Places for a Selfie or Groupie
Instagram-worthy: Singapore’s Best Places for a Selfie or Groupie 21. September 2019
Scroll through Instagram, Facebook or any social media site and you’ll notice that it is impossible not to be inundated by selfies; a selfie-galore. Photography is no longer about taking the best scenery photograph or the best portrait. Instead, it’s all about self-portraits and group-portraits – also colloquially known as the “selfie” and “groupie” – and who uses these photos to tell the best story in tiny squares. Instagram.

What makes a good selfie then? Of course, the traditional rules of photography like lighting, composition are important but if you want a unique edge to your selfie, it’s important to choose the best location as backdrop. A good photo backdrop is just like having a strong foundation for a house.

So you may think that looking for a picturesque place in Singapore to take your selfie at will be a difficult task given that there is a mere 700 square metres of land area. And there isn’t pristine snow or falling autumn leaves when it is summer all year round. Despite this, Singapore is still one of the most Instagram-worthy cities in the world! You can find a mix of old and new world charm in the architecture, enclaves rich in heritage and culture that will make the perfect backdrop. You just got to know where to look!

Look no further, here’s a list of the top places in Singapore that will help you build that aesthetic feed:

Haji Lane

1. Haji Lane

This quaint little street needs no introduction. In recent years, this alley has gained massive popularity with restored shophouses that are now converted to a quirky and hip selection of stores. The eclectic and vibrant wall murals are not only a stark contrast to the modern architecture in the nearby area but also great to take selfies at!


Art Science Museum

2. Art Science Museum

If you’re a selfie aficionado, the Art Science Museum would be old news to you. Not only is its structure breathtaking and artistic, it also features Future World – a series of spectacular, tech, interactive art and light installation by teamLab. You can snap selfies against floating 2D crayon drawings, a throne made out of color-changing blocks and mesmerising curtains of digitally-controlled light particles. And just two months ago, Future World added two new installations that are even more insta-worthy and beautiful to look at. Want to up your selfie game? This is a must-go.


Chinese Gardens

3. Chinese Garden

Located at the West of Singapore, it’s a place that is hardly explored. So, if you’re after a more unique backdrop for your selfie that is also picturesque, it is definitely worth the travel. The Chinese and Japanese Gardens boast expansive green lawns and a view of Jurong Lake that would make a great background for your selfie!


People's Park Complex

4. People’s Park Complex

The faded, yellow exterior of People’s Park Complex is ideal for portraits. There’s also a huge rooftop carpark that is ridiculously photogenic. The rustic vibe of this place is just the perfect touch for a mix of old and new-world charm in your selfie!


Marina Barrage

5. Marina Barrage

Want to add a fresh, outdoor touch to your selfie? This is just the place to go. The expansive area on the rooftop lawn is perfect for picnics and chilling with friends and also great for photos. Lighting has already been settled for you – natural sunlight! If you’re lucky, you may even get a few soaring kites in the background on your selfie. So insta-worthy!


Garden's by the Bay

6. Gardens by the Bay

This garden spans a stunning 101 hectares and boasts attractions like the Flower Dome, the Children’s Garden and the Cloud Forest. But the real gem for selfie enthusiasts is the Supertree Grove where 18 of these tree-like structures which stand between 25 and 50 metres tall, come alive in an entrancing dance of light and song in the evenings. The captivating lightshow will make a splendid selfie backdrop! These iconic tree-like vertical gardens are designed with large canopies that provide shade in the day and come alive with an exhilarating display of light and sound at night.


Singapore Sports Hub

7. Singapore Sports Hub

No one likes a monotonous Instagram-feed. That’s so uninspiring! Have your selfie turn heads when you have it taken here! The newly built stadium is a sea of red and white dots which makes for an interesting visual in photographs. There is also a vibrant track painted out of striking basic colors running round the stadium. Add a wide-angled lens to your packing list as it’s sure to come in handy to get all the stunning details into the frame of your selfie.


Have we inspired you? Now that you know the best secret and not-so secret places in Singapore to take a selfie, grab your camera or phone (and optional: friends) and get there! That’s all you need to be on top of the selfie-game.