Wellness from the Heart
Wellness from the Heart
WRITER: Online Editor
Wellness from the Heart 16. September 2022, by Online Editor
Satkara – meaning with devotion, sincerity, respect, reverence, positive attitude, and right action – derived from the Sanskrit language, embodies the values of Satkara Spa at Casa del Mar Langkawi.

Dedicated to offering an authentic wellness experience, they focus on offering a treatment experience that is not intimidating, yet provides their guests with a unique level of comfort and privacy. A sanctum in which one can feel as relaxed, safe, and uninhibited as they would in their own home.

As I sat and spoke with Rajes, Spa Manager at Satkara Spa, I begin to understand why guests keep returning to this Home by the Sea in Langkawi.

Rajes, Spa Manager at Casa del Mar Langkawi

When did you join Casa del Mar Langkawi as Spa Manger?

R: I used to run my own wellness beauty centre in Kuala Lumpur, closed it down, moved to Langkawi, and it’s been 21 years with the hotel since the day Casa del Mar started.

What do you love most about working at Satkara Spa?

R: When the hotel first started, no one knew how to run or manage a spa. I’m very glad to be part of the team to start the spa; I was entrusted by the management to manage and run this place. I was very happy that I can use my knowledge to create natural products using herbs and fruits that are gentle to our skin.

Over the years, when our guests visit the spa, they gave us good reviews and return for more treatments, it gives me a lot of joy and pride.

We understand that the body scrubs at Satkara Spa are not bought but are specially made with your own formula. What inspired you to do that, and why?

R: I did a course in India where we learned about plant-based treatments, using raw and natural ingredients that are simple and fresh.

I believe natural things are better. Our guests are informed about the ingredients that we use in their treatment and if they are allergic to a certain ingredient like almond oil, we can use natural olive oil instead. That is something we will not be able to do if using commercially bottled products.

Can you share some of the formulated scrubs that are used only at Satkara Spa?

R: We have our signature treatment – Soul of Casa del Mar – a healing blend of turmeric, tamarind, sesame seeds, and honey to exfoliate and nourish the skin.

There is also the Tropical Mango and Coconut polish that combines the aromatic mango and shredded coconut to gently buff away dead skin cells, another favourite of our guests, among other treatments.

We use orange peel for our foot soak, instead of flowers like most other spas, this is unique to us. The thin peels are hand-cut to retain only the top layer of the orange peel, as this gives off a nice citrus smell and the natural oils of the peel are released in the warm foot bath.

Natural ingredients that go into the Soul of Casa del Mar scrub.

Which is a treatment that you will recommend all first-timers at Satkara Spa to try?

R: They should definitely try our Signature massage. This is a 90-minute massage that combines long flowing strokes and deep tissue massage that will help re-energise the body. If you are looking for more, then try our Soul of Casa del Mar. Let our therapists help you with exfoliation, a massage of your choice, and a nice bath to complete your treatment. These two are also very popular amongst our guests.

What are the most challenging and rewarding parts of your job?

R: I think a challenging part is we are a small spa. We’ve built a good reputation that we do get walk-ins but we have to turn them away because we are a small team. Another challenging time was during the travel restrictions due to Covid-19, we could only rely on the local residents for business and it was not easy.

But the rewarding part of the job to me is when our guests are happy, they go back and tell others about us. It’s always nice to hear them tell us “we were recommended because we heard such good feedback” because it means we did something right. Even now with travel restrictions lifted, we still get some of our local Langkawians coming back.

Finally, share with us something that you enjoy outside of your Spa Manager role.

R: I like baking a lot. It’s my way of relaxing and destressing after a day at work. I’ve baked and cooked for the colleagues at the hotel, from birthday cakes to curry puffs. Resin jewellery is another hobby that I enjoy. It’s a way for me to be creative, and I make them as gifts. I’ve given them away to many guests over the years and now they have become my friends.

I came to Langkawi looking for a job and I found my family here at Casa del Mar Langkawi. That sense of belonging is something that I feel strongly for. Even our guests who come back year after year have become our family too. We keep in touch over text messages and video calls, it’s very nice. That is why I didn’t leave even after 21 years.

Orange peel foot soak at the start of your treatment.

That feeling of familiarity, trust, and joy as if coming back to visit family and friends; the same exuded by the team transcends beyond a job, right down to the heart. The heart and soul to deliver passion in what they do. All these, done without pretension, offering personalised and heartfelt service in an environment of comfort and ease, is truly wellness from the heart.