Go on a Digital Detox at The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands
Go on a Digital Detox at The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands
WRITER: Online Editor
Go on a Digital Detox at The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands 08. June 2023, by Online Editor
Taking a break and travelling is one way that you can unplug and leave your devices aside.

In this age of technology with the pressure of constant connection be it on your computer or mobile device, the inability to unplug becomes unconscious as we find ourselves frequently checking our mobile, jumping to respond to any pings and notifications that pop up.

Take a respite and find relief by consciously unplugging and taking a break from technology, more specifically not using electronic devices or certain media for a period of time. The benefits of digital detox will help us to gain meaningful social interactions and have better control of our time and focus.

While it’s not possible to do it cold turkey, it is always possible to start small. Create a goal and commit to it (at least 2 weeks for the new habit to kick in), and get support from family who will serve as a reminder. You can begin by scheduling time away from your screen like dinner time with family, turning off your phone at specific times of the day like setting it to airplane mode after 10 pm to not be distracted by notifications.

English Tudor-style boutique hotel The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands, located up in the highlands in the state of Pahang, Malaysia, is a place that lets you immerse yourself in nature, allowing you to go on that much-needed digital detox. Here are some things you can do, as you mindfully put away your devices.

Spend time on the garden grounds of the hotel.

Around the garden grounds are spaces for you to sit, and simply enjoy the crisp cool air of the highlands. Take a walk around and enjoy the flowers and greenery around you. The early morning air is cool and quiet and makes a good time for meditation or even a morning yoga session.

Find spaces around the lush garden grounds to spend time away from your devices.


The garden has spaces for you to sit, chill and be in the now. 📷 @hee_ong67 / Instagram


Explore the gardens and find little interesting spaces like this birdhouse.

Enjoy nature in its glory and go on a hike.

Right behind the hotel in its own backyard, there is an hour-long trail for hotel guests to trek. Let by the hotel team’s guide, find yourself in the thick of things as you navigate the terrain, and learn about the fauna (and occasional animals or their prints) that reside in there.

Go on a hike with our resident guides through a trail first explored and carved out by the hotel’s retired gardener Uncle Rajah.

Indulge in reading a book.

Pick up a new book and spend the day reading away outdoors in one of the spaces in the garden. Alternatively, enjoy quiet time as you tuck yourself into the armchair to read. If you prefer an indoor space within the confines of the hotel, head down to the fireplace by the bar, and sip on a cocktail or two while you’re there.

The fireplace at the Highlander Lounge is a working fireplace that is lited up every evening.

Soak your stresses away in the bath.

With every bathroom in the Lakehouse equipped with a bathtub, pamper yourself with a relaxing warm soak in the tub with bath salts that the hotel prepares. You can also choose to bring along your favourite scented bath salt or bath bomb and indulge.

If you are planning on a digital detox, why not plan it together with a holiday and get away from your usual surroundings, make a conscious decision to be in the now, and enjoy the company of people around you.

You’ll find many spots to sit and indulge in the beauty that nature brings at The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands. 📷 @megchinmy / Instagram