Black Rock Viewpoint, Phuket
Black Rock Viewpoint, Phuket 24. June 2020
Black Rock Viewpoint is still a well-kept secret.

Situated high up in the hills that overlook Nai Harn beach and Ao Sane, the view is outstanding—arguably the best view in Phuket. Black Rock Viewpoint derives its name from the exposed, flat black rocks that cover much of the ground on that side of the mountain. What really makes Black Rock stand out is its isolation. It’s perfectly quiet up there, and given how crowded Phuket is, that’s a rare thing.

To get to Black Rock Viewpoint, take the trail that leads to Nui Beach. It starts a few hundred metres to the right after Karon Viewpoint. The parking area is near a large rock spray-painted with the words “Pa Hin Dum” on it. Directly across the road from this is a trail with a small sign in Thai. The trail is about 200 meters long, but it’s steep—especially in the beginning. We definitely recommend sneakers or hiking shoes for safety, but given that it’s only a 5-7 minute walk up, flip flops would work too if you’re brave. It requires a healthy dose of adventurousness to reach, but it’s worth it.