The Most Instagrammable Places in Pattaya
The Most Instagrammable Places in Pattaya
WRITER: Online Editor
The Most Instagrammable Places in Pattaya 03. May 2021, by Online Editor
There are many interesting spots for your next Instagram feed. Get ready to set your cameras and capture that insta-worthy shots!

Nestled along a picturesque bay on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya has more to offer. Apart from its vibrant nightlife, Pattaya, this city is also a hidden gem where there are many breath-taking spots that are worth visiting. Here are our guides – to inspire your next visit to this charming city.

Mong Chang Café

Picture credit: Mong Chang Café Facebook

Mong Chang translates as ‘Look at Elephants’ in Thai, and it is one of the latest jungle-themed cafés in Pattaya. This is not an ordinary café, it is a café with a good cause.

All the profits will be donated to support elephants in the village. Each elephant needs roughly 200 kilograms of food per day to stay healthy. Mong Chang Café hopes to educate people about elephants and allow diners to have a chance to get close to elephants.

Mong Chang Cafe
Picture credit: Mong Chang Café Facebook

Open daily 10.00 hrs – 17.00 hrs

Cave Beach Club

Love a boho-style beach café? This is the place for you. Imagine this –feet-in-the-sand, bean bags on the beach, and sip on some fresh coconut water and enjoy the sea breeze. It is a good chill-out beachfront cafe to unwind and relax in Pattaya.

Cava Beach
Picture credit: Cava Beach Club Facebook

Located next to The Glasshouse, The Cave Beach Club is divided into an air-conditioned seating and alfresco seating. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the array of freshly baked cakes, food, and drinks.

Pro Tips: Don’t forget to dress well as this charming café is full of photogenic spots. If you are planning to visit this cafe on the weekends or on public holidays, be sure to be early to beat the queue.

Open daily from 11.00 hrs. – 24.00 hrs.

3 Mermaids Café & Restaurant

This picturesque café is a dream come true for anyone who likes beautiful mermaid-themed. Located at the cliff of Pra Tumnak, 3 Mermaids Café is just a few minutes’ drive from Pattaya city.

You will be greeted by a giant mermaid, where you can snap some insta-worthy pictures on her palms. This café is one of the best viewpoints in Pattaya -offers a panoramic ocean view that is overlooking Coral Island and a good spot to watch spectacular sunsets.

Pictures credit: 3 Mermaids Café & Restaurant Facebook

Pro tips: Sweet tooth lovers, don’t miss their desserts especially the mermaid cupcakes.

Open daily from 10.00 hrs. – 23.00 hrs.

Coffee War 331

Café scenes in Thailand never fail to surprise café-hoppers with unexpected experiences. Now you can even take your tastebuds on a “flight” at Coffee War 331.

Located in Sattahip near road No 331, you find an old Airbus A330 that has been converted into a coffee shop. This aircraft-turned-coffee café is owned by a former Thai Navy Officer, this maybe a clue as to how the café gets its name.

Although you may not get 30,000 feet off the ground, but you can enjoy your meal in an aircraft-setting. Although some of the passenger seating has been removed to be replaced by coffee tables but every corner of this decommissioned aircraft is still insta-worthy, from stairway up to pilots’ cockpit.

Pictures Credit: Facebook 331 Station

Let’s buckle up for a gastronomical ride!

Open daily from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm.

Tappia Floating Cafe Pattaya

You may have heard of floating market in Pattaya but you may not aware that there is also a floating café. Beside than 360-degree view of Pattaya’s estuary, you can enjoy various seafood, drinks and cocktails on this floating café.

The evenings will be the best time to visit as you can catch spectacular sunsets while you dine. There are other activities to explore on this floating platform – diners can relax on catamaran nets, squish fishing and getting the perfect picture for your next Instagram’s post

Pictures Credit: Tappia Floating Café Facebook

Open daily from 16.00 hrs. – 24.00 hrs.

Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya 

Overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya is a vibrant beauty with a mellow vibe. There are many spots at Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya to jazz your Instagram feed.

The Hard Rock Wall Picture credit📸@ket_dara.c /Instagram


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