Sky Mirror: Selangor’s Salar de Uyuni
Sky Mirror: Selangor’s Salar de Uyuni
PHOTOS BY: Alvin Toh
Sky Mirror: Selangor’s Salar de Uyuni 13. December 2018, Photos by Alvin Toh
Sasaran Beach is better known as “Mirror in the Sky”  because of its mirror-like reflection of the sky. 

Discovered in 2015, Sky Mirror is Malaysia’s answer to Bolivia’s Uyuni salt flats, where feet touch the sky. It’s not an everyday sight.

Only twice a month, four days before and after new and full moons, waves roll back to reveal a secret sandbank, said to be 150 football fields wide. When the water is still, Sky Mirror is at its most beautiful. Typically, this occurs at about 7.30am, on the fourth and fifth of every month.

Walk on Clouds -Shah Alam pic 2Thirty minutes later, you arrive in the middle of nowhere. Anticipation runs high, as tides recede. Green, teal, brown… sand! Everyone jumps off the boat, onto powdery soft undulations. Gentle waves lap at ankles, as sand dollars scurry away. Cameras click on, to seize the picture-perfect day. All around, an awesome panorama, shining double in the sea.

Walk on clouds-Shah Alam pic 2Since becoming an official tourist destination in 2016, Sky Mirror tours are fully booked. Day trips run at RM80 for adults, RM60 for children, inclusive of insurance and a delicious local lunch on the boat. Night trips cost a little more. Advance booking of two weeks for day trips and a month for night trips are highly recommended. Occasional extras include migratory birds, monkeys on nearby beaches, and if you’re lucky, dolphin.

If you wish to visit, please contact

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