Saanen Dairy Goat Farm: You Get What You Feed
Saanen Dairy Goat Farm: You Get What You Feed
Saanen Dairy Goat Farm: You Get What You Feed 09. November 2018
Ho Juan Aun loves animals since he was a kid, so he bought dairy goats from Australia and started a farm. But he found his countrymen aren’t receptive to goat’s milk because they believe it tastes funky.

Juan Aun visited other goat farms in Malaysia and Singapore before he finally found a generous farm owner in Johor Bahru who taught him how to produce more palatable milk.

The secret lies in what the goats are fed. Most farms, he learned, use by-products of bean curd that turn bad very quickly in this region and climate, causing the goats to produce disagreeable milk. Instead, he feeds his goats a mixture of soybeans and mulberry leaves. The result is Juan Aun’s goat’s milk has no gamey flavour. He didn’t stop there. For those who don’t have the habit of drinking milk, Juan Aun also creates delicious milk products like ice cream, passion fruit Greek yoghurt and puddings. If you’re still not convinced, at least come see the goats at the farm that is open to the public.

Brown sugar bun made of goat's milk.
Passion fruit Greek yoghurt made of goat's milk.

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Saanen Dairy Goat Farm

298, MK 1, Sungai Pinang, 11010 Balik Pulau
Tel: +6019 516 3017
Open 10am to 5pm, daily.