Pattaya with the Family & Kids
Pattaya with the Family & Kids
WRITER: Online Editor
Pattaya with the Family & Kids 24. November 2020, by Online Editor
If anyone tells you Pattaya is an adult-only destination, we are telling you they are WRONG! There are plenty of enjoyable and family-friendly activities in and around Pattaya, making your holiday in Pattaya with kids a lot of fun with quality family time spent.

We’re sharing some of our family-friendly recommendations below, so you can pencil it down for your next trip!

Great&Grand Sweet Destination

Pattaya’s latest addition – Great&Grand Sweet Destination – is a magical place of desserts and candies to make your sweet dreams come true. Chill at their ice cream parlour where you will probably take some time to choose from 48 ice cream flavours ranging from the classic vanilla and chocolate to more adventurous ones like lavender and baileys. It is also a milk bar and coffee shop, if ice cream is not your thing.

Instagrammable interiors. 📷: @numtanpai / Instagram
Every space is an Instagram picture to be taken. 📷 @my_muthira / Instagram

The highlight of this place is their dessert-themed park full of supersized sweets like giant candies, cakes, bubble gum trees in pretty pastel colours for the hundreds of Instagram-worthy photos you can take. It definitely makes you feel you are in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

Cute supersized desserts. 📷: @noo_cutie / Instagram

As of writing, they are still in their soft opening stage and the park is not fully open to public as yet. For updates on the official opening, stay tuned to their Facebook page.

Pattaya Sheep Farm

Opened in 2013, Pattaya Sheep Farm is the biggest sheep farm in Thailand, not only home to sheep but many animals and is essentially a petting zoo with rabbits, alpacas, and other cuddly animals that your kids can feed or pet.

Kids can pet these furry animals. 📷: @natcha_loychusak / Instagram

There is a Town of Fairy Tales where your kids can go around roleplaying in the world of famous fairy tales. This space also makes a great photo-op with its colourful setting. With the Barn Steak House located within the farm, you don’t have to worry about going hungry.

Sheep roaming around freely. 📷 @thariya.tia / Instagram

Admission starts from THB 150 for adults (with access to all areas and shows).

Teddy Bear Museum

Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya is an extension of the famous Teddy Bear Museum in South Korea and is also the first and only one in Southeast Asia. Featuring 12 zones, each with a different concept, you and your kids will have fun interacting and taking pictures with these teddies.  Younger kids will also have fun going down the slide at the treehouse playground.

Different zones with different concepts filled with cuddly bears. 📷 @tiny.toes.n.pawz / Instagram

It’s a place that will make kids and adults feel all warm and fuzzy, a concept that the brainchild of the museum wanted to convey to all visitors.

A place where even adults will enjoy. 📷 @hero.suri / Instagram

Admission fee is THB 500 for adults and THB 300 for children.
Open daily 9am to 10pm.

Pipo Pony Club

The first pony farm in Thailand, Pipo Pony Club is home to their star animal – Shetland ponies. Kids can get a chance to enjoy a pony feeding experience using carrot treats, go close and pet these good-natured and friendly ponies that can rarely be seen in daily life. Adventurous kids can even go on a pony ride under safe supervision by trainers.

Pony feeding, even young kids can enjoy! 📷 @nuwan_ks / Instagram 

Adults and kids alike will surely be entertained by their acrobatic rodeo show that runs at three time slots across the day. Pipo Pony Club is a place to visit with your kids for the chance to interact with live animals that will leave them excited for days.

Kids can ride safely on the pony. 📷 @mamaonthecamel / Instagram

Admission fee from THB 50 per person.
Open daily from 9am to 6.30pm.

Mini Siam

Go around the world in 80 minutes instead of 80 days! (You’ll probably need more than 80 minutes unless you run through the entire attraction).  Mini Siam is home to miniature replicas of famous attractions and structures from around the world.  The space is split into 2 zones – mini Siam and mini Europe – and you can get a view of iconic places like the Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House, Statue of Liberty, Angkor Wat, ruins of Ayutthaya and more.

Feel like you’ve travelled the world. 📷 @pankuk_ / Instagram
📷 @scouseabby / Instagram

You and your kids can go on a world tour, and if your kids are of school age, it adds as a nice educational visit on geography and history!

Admission fee is THB 300 per adult.
Open daily from 9am to 6pm.

Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya Roxity Mini Club & TABU Junior Club

Parents, do you need a day away from the kids so you shop in peace, go for a rejuvenating massage, or just relax by the poolside? Drop your kids off at Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya’s Roxity Mini Club (for kids 3 to 7 years old) or TABU Junior Club (for kids 8 to 12 years old). Your kids will have a fun time, entertained the Hard Rock way with activities and games, or even learn to be a DJ. They would even wish to return every single day.

Roxity Mini Club at Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya

Roxity Mini Club & TABU Junior Club is FREE for the first 2 hours for in-house guests. Subsequent hours at THB 100 nett/hour or put your child full day at THB 600 nett with lunch and snacks included.

Non-hotel guests are also allowed at THB 250 nett/hour or full day at THB 750 nett.