Ocean Dreaming
Ocean Dreaming
PHOTOS BY: Alvin Toh & Sakis Papadop
Ocean Dreaming 25. December 2016, Photos by Alvin Toh & Sakis Papadop

The award-winning Meera Spa redefines comfort and leaves you in a good kind of daze.

Whispering gently, Asti the therapist asked me to breathe, as my eyelids grew heavier staring into piece of sea beneath me. I took three deep breaths and started to lose myself in the aroma of warm mist of sweet orange, basil, lemon and rosemary oil rubbed on her left palm, as she skillfully swept long strokes down the contours of my back with her right arm. Yes, I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of the Maldives, but it was the signature massage at Meera Spa that elevated this experience to a whole new level. Meera, which means ‘ocean’ in Sanskrit language, offers a range of therapies and massages to comfort aching bodies and burdened minds. Its Masters in Residence Programme hosts renowned practitioners like Mr Sommai Pokhamnerd, who guided me in a gentle class of Tai Chi, with specialised healing skills to offer.

My spa session kicked off with a foot wash where the therapist gently washed the sand off my feet with a concoction of tea tree oil and sea salt. Never underestimate the effect of walking into a room with nothing but the sea in front of you and glass floor panels strategically built under massage tables. With utmost sensitivity, Asti hit the sore spots bursting with accumulated fatigue and the ills of modern living. It did not take long for me to slump into a floaty state of being as baby fish swam in and out of my vision. The Spa also offers other choices like excellent Bamboo Massage for reducing stress with the use of multi-sized bamboo rods and warmed aromatic oils, the Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage for those seeking balance as well as an exclusive Ocean Therapy which harnesses the goodness of Voya Organics, a range of hand-harvested seaweed products, in baths and wraps that promote skin regeneration.

The Spa’s boutique features an exclusive selection of products from Voya Organics and Sodashi, as well as the Meera Lifestyle Home Spa range that includes chakra crystal jewelry, environmental aromas and body products made with Meera signature essential oil blends
A wide range of treatments includes specially tailored options for men, mums-to-be, detox journeys and couple’ rituals.