Langkawi: Taking it Slow
Langkawi: Taking it Slow
PHOTOS BY: Alvin Toh
Langkawi: Taking it Slow 08. December 2018, Photos by Alvin Toh
While fringed by miles of white sandy beaches, the main island of Langkawi is a combination of vast, bright green paddy fields, jungle-clad hills and limestone formations dating back millions of years.

Rice cultivation is the main source of livelihood, long before tourism arrived on the shores of the island. Water buffaloes can be seen tilling the paddy fields, as children play outside their wooden houses in the villages.

Rent a bicycle and take a leisurely spin around the island, for you will be rewarded with an appreciation of Langkawi’s rustic lifestyle and green side that can’t be gained just by chilling at the beach.

Explore the island by land, sea, and air and see Langkawi up close and personal.