High on Coffee
High on Coffee
WRITER: Angela Chew PHOTOS BY: Ernest Goh
High on Coffee 02. April 2024, by Angela Chew, Photos by Ernest Goh
Rare to the point of being possibly endangered, Liberica coffee has found a champion in My Liberica – a pioneer in Malaysia’s specialty coffee scene.

If you need your morning cuppa, you probably love your Robusta and Arabica coffee, but Liberica? Tucked away in a quiet corner of Johor, one coffee producer might just change your mind … and tastebuds.

After all, My Liberica made experts around the globe wake up and smell the Liberica coffee when it clinched third place at the World Barista Cup 2021, putting the bean and Malaysia on the world’s coffee map.

From growing the coffee bean

To processing and roasting them

It was ray of hope for its founder, Jason Liew, after the business took a hit from the pandemic. Operating from seed to cup, My Liberica not only grows the beans but processes and roasts them too, allowing Jason to experiment and develop flavour profiles with notes like chocolate, liquorice and jackfruit – even crafting teas from coffee flowers and the skin of the coffee fruit.

Homegrown Liberica coffee that boasts of flavour profiles like chocolate, liquorice and jackfruit

Today, with other coffee producers wanting to learn his secrets, Jason is more than happy to share. “This way, others can build on what I do, I can learn from them and we can improve together.”

Jason Liew- The founder of My Liberica Coffee

My Liberica and The Boathouse Pulau Tioman have teamed up to give guests a taste of its aromatic brews as part of the resort’s quest to source and support local.