Explore Street Art in Penang
Explore Street Art in Penang
WRITER: Online Editor
Explore Street Art in Penang 27. May 2022, by Online Editor

Penang, a Malaysian state located on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia, by the Malacca Strait; its heterogeneous population is highly diverse in ethnicity, culture, language and religion. Aside from the three main races, the Malays, Chinese, and Indians, Penang is also home to significant Eurasian, Peranakan (Strait Chinese), Siamese, and expatriate communities.

With George Town being inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, here, heritage isn’t just confined to museums, but can also be found thriving along the city’s five-foot ways and on the streets.

Wall Murals

Over the years, Penang has earned a reputation for its street art; particularly in 2012, when George Town Festival commissioned Ernest Zacharevic to paint six murals. “Kungfu Girl” is one of the original six and the larger of Zacharevic’s works. Other popular and well-known murals include “Kids on a Bicycle”, “Almost There” and “Boy on Motorcycle”.


Little Children on a Bicycle mural @ Armenian Street


Kungfu Girl @ Muntri Street


Almost there! On Cannon Street

This artistic boom has opened many doors for local and international artists, inspiring many others to unleash their creativity on the walls of Penang’s buildings.

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Wire Sculptures

Walk around George Town and spot these slightly cheeky, comic-style wire sculptures. In 2009, the Penang State Government commissioned 52 uniquely designed wire sculptures to be placed around the city. They each tell interesting historical titbits.

Kopi O’ Kau! @ Lebuh Kimberly


Rotan @ Lebuh Chulia


Too narrow @ Lorong Soo Hong

Some other more well-known sculpture art pieces are:-

Cheating Husband @ Love Lane


Jimmy Choo @ Lebuh Letih

The four artists who contributed to “Marking George Town”, the series of 52 wire sculptures are Tang Mun Kian, Baba Chuah, Lefty, and Reggie Lee.

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Urban Exchange

The aim of the project is to deepen people’s perception of public art; to show that art is no longer confined within the spaces of art galleries and exhibition halls.

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These quirky murals and street art in Penang have made international headlines, walk around the lanes with a map in hand, and stroll at your own pace along the streets to explore the artwork. There are many corners filled with works of art waiting to be discovered here in George Town.