Eat Like a Local in Langkawi
Eat Like a Local in Langkawi
Eat Like a Local in Langkawi 31. December 2017
The Malaysian holiday island of Langkawi has no shortage of restaurants. In fact, you can find an array of local and international food from Japanese to Mexican.

However, authentic local fare can sometimes be a little different because menus have been tweaked for the foreign palette – think less spicy and less heavy. Being an archipelago, Langkawi has access to plenty of seafood. You should give Ikan Bakar (barbecue fish) a try – barbecue is of the more popular methods of cooking here, over the traditional charcoal grill.

Take a walk at Langkawi’s night markets and you’ll be sure to sample many delectable local dishes. Just be warned that there might not be designated dining areas so be prepared to pack your food and have a picnic under the stars.

Jom! Ikan Bakar

Jom Ikan Bakar, a stall selling nasi campur (rice with various meat and vegetable side dishes), is popular among locals especially during lunch. The main draw here is the ikan bakar, or grilled fish and seafood over a charcoal fire.

The store is famour for its grilled fish, which is topped with spicy sauce made from a combination of dried chilli, chilli paste, garlic and onion.The eatery gets a fresh supply of fish, such as the white snapper, catfish and seabass, from local fishermen every day, according to the eatery’s owner Mazlina Bt. Radzi, who has been running the business for about a decade.

Jalan Airport Mukim Padang Masirat, Langkawi
10am to 5pm (daily)


Fish Farm Restaurant

This restaurant located at Pantai Penarak, at Pantai Penarak, a sheltered bay with a nice view of the sea dotted with islets that bears a resemblance to Vietnam’s famous Halong Bay. Seafood is naturally a specialty here, although prices are on the steep side. From the variety of live seafood available, we chose to have the crab and grouper cooked Hong Kong style and the mantis prawn with spicy salt.

Lot 1986, Jalan Pantai Penarak, Mukim Kuah, Langkawi
1pm to 11pm (daily)


Kuah Town Night Market

Trigger your senses with a mix of culture, food, colonial history and its architectural influence in Langkawi. See the various religions living in harmony and hear the island’s legends. The tour includes visit to the roadside stalls and the night market, to sample the local eats and savour the home-cooked Indian banana leaf dinner.

Jalan Pandak Mayah 6, Kuah, Langkawi
4pm to 10pm (Wed & Sat)