Chinese New Year – Simple Reunion Dish
Chinese New Year – Simple Reunion Dish 27. January 2019

Concorde Hotel Singapore Chef Sunny

Chinese New Year is the time of the year for family gatherings and a time of feasting with loved ones. If you are thinking of a simple and delicious dish for the reunion dinner, you may like “Steamed Cod Fish with Superior Soya Sauce”. Chef Sunny from Concorde Hotel Singapore shares his recipe.


  • 130g Codfish Fillet
  • 10g Spring Onion
  • 10g Chinese Parsley
  • 2tbs Peanut Oil (Make it hot first)
  • 1 Chili


  • 5g Spring Onion
  • 5g Chinese Parsley
  • 10g Ginger
  • 2tbs Sugar
  • 3tbs Soy sauce
  • 1tbs Chicken powder
  • 50ml Water

Steamed Cod


  1. Slice spring onion, Chinese parsley and chili to long thin stripes, similar to matchsticks.
  2. Slice ginger.
  3. Mix soy sauce, chicken powder, sugar, spring onion, ginger slice and Chinese parsley in a small pot.
  4. Add 50ml of water to the pot of mixture and bring it to boil for 3-5 minutes. Taste the sauce.
  5. Steam the cod fish fillet for about 6 minutes until cooked.
  6. Top the fish with spring onion and pour the hot peanut oil over.
  7. Pour the pot of sauce over the fish.
  8. Garnish with Chinese parsley and chili and the dish is ready to be served.