Chek Jawa Unveiled
Chek Jawa Unveiled
WRITER: Yvonne Chia PHOTOS BY: Alvin Toh
Chek Jawa Unveiled 03. September 2019, by Yvonne Chia, Photos by Alvin Toh

When the secrets of Chek Jawa came into national attention around 2001, there was a sudden influx of visitors rushing to this wetland treasure. After bearing witness to the harmonious coexistence of mangrove, rocky shore, beach, coral rubble, sea grass lagoon, mudflats, sand banks and coastal forest, nature lovers successfully appealed to have reclamation plans reviewed.

Thankfully, the rich biodiversity of Chek Jawa has been preserved and is accessible to the public today, together with a visitor centre, boardwalk and viewing tower as part of a long-term sustainable visitor management plan.