Art of Traveling Light
Art of Traveling Light
Art of Traveling Light 02. January 2019

Pack It Up! Learn how to maximize the space usage in your luggage and useful tips on the art of travelling light.

1) Weather check
Find out the weather of your destination few days before your trip and also events you will attend. Pack only what is needed and avoid any ‘just in case’ clothes.

2) Do your homework
Contact the hotels to find out about their room amenities: hair dryers, bath towels, shampoo, shower cap, toothbrush and more.  Bring only what you need.

3) Downsize toiletries
Pick up travel-size versions of your favorite products. If you can’t find them on travel packs, get small plastic bottles and decant from larger ones.

4) Prevent leakage
To prevent toiletries from leaking, you can either place them in ziplock bags or remove the excess air in plastic containers.  Trapped air can cause plastic containers to leak when there is a change in the air pressure.

5) Pack in plastic
Divide the clothes according to your travel itinerary and pack every set of clothes in clear plastic bags before placing them in suitcase or backpack.  This will help you save time and space because you only need to take out an item instead of searching for all of items in your bag.

6) Reusable Bag/Tote Bag
It is handy to  have reusable bags for carry any additional loose items such as, magazines, neck pillow, purse and umbrella. You can even use it as shopping bag to place all items in one bag instead of numerous shopping bags.

7) Roll-it up
Rolling up your clothes is a great space-saving and wrinkle-reducing choice.

8) Bulky and heavy ones
Try to wear the heaviest shoes or jacket then you don’t have to pack them up.

9) Shoes
If you want to make sure everything else in your bag stays clean and odor free, place the shoes inside old socks and then inside airtight plastic bags.

10) Make a list and check it TWICE
List down all the items you need so you won’t forget anything.

11) Keeping the details safe
Make soft copies of your travel documents and save in web based email account. You are still able to get access of all the important information in the event you lost your items.