Get Your Thrill of Adventure in Phuket
Get Your Thrill of Adventure in Phuket
WRITER: Online Editor
Get Your Thrill of Adventure in Phuket 07. July 2021, by Online Editor
Phuket has always been known for its beautiful beaches and neighbouring islands and clear blue waters, but there are much more adrenaline-filled adventures if you’re up for it. If you’re looking for a holiday that brings a mix of chill and adventure, Phuket is the right place to be!

Free-fall from a bungy facility, traverse terrains on an ATV, white water raft through rapids, ride the waves on a surfboard. These are just some of the action-packed adventures you can look forward to when you plan your next trip to Phuket.

Bungy jump from 15-storeys high

Take a leap of faith off the platform from 50 meters (equivalent to the height of a 15-storey building) above a jungle lagoon, and don’t forget to enjoy the panoramic views of the jungle surrounds while you’re at it (if you manage to keep your eyes open!). The choice of bungy is yours – opt for a classic solo bungy, or go all out and get yourself dipped into the water as you fall with the water touch bungy. If the thought of leaping off a ledge 50 meters above ground is too intimidating, try catapult bungy, sometimes known as the reverse bungy, where you start on the ground and get catapulted up in the air. Grab a friend and go tandem for that mutual support if all else fails. Don’t forget to check out Phuket Bungy for that adrenaline-pumping activity!

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Catch a surf

Phuket has been gaining popularity as a destination for surfers to hang and ride the waves. During the monsoon season between May to October, surfers from all over Thailand (and the world) flock over for a ride. Even if you’re new to this sport, the waves are still suitable for you to learn to get yourself standing up on the board. We have the best beach recommended for you to catch on some of that surfing action.

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Fly through the jungle on a zipline

Experience the freedom of flying as you traverse through the dense hillside foliage of Phuket. Flying Hanuman is Phuket’s most exciting treetop zipline adventure, with 16 exhilarating zip lines, multiple abseiling points, and high elements. Zipline across an ultra-long 400-meter zip wire, abseil down an ancient tree and even fly alongside a buddy on the dual zip line and keep your adrenaline pumping.

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While providing you with an exciting memory of your holiday, Flying Hanuman also finds ways to maintain the natural balance of the forest environment that it is set up within, making sure that this zipline adventure does not have any negative effect on the trees they use, neither does it affect the livelihood of those who live on the hillside.

White water rafting down rapids

While there aren’t any large rivers on Phuket Island, you’ll be able to head to Song Preak River in the nearby Phang Nga forest. Don’t worry if you’re new to rafting. Some basic training and safety instructions will be given, and the rapids are class 2 and class 3, tame enough that even kids can join in this rafting adventure.

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There are tours that bring you through different courses, usually 5km, 7km, or 9km, depending on your appetite for thrill. The best part about white water rafting in Phuket is it is available all year round, though it is best from June to November during the rainy season since there will be higher rainfall.

Ride the ATV for some off-road fun

The Big Buddha is an iconic landmark in Phuket and if you’re planning to visit it, why not throw in a little more thrill by hopping on a quad bike and go on an ATV adventure along the way. Drive through hilly terrain and muddy trails, and enjoy a bumpy time as you go off-road through the jungle until you finally reach the main road leading up to the Big Buddha. Take a break from your ride, and capture the panoramic view of Phuket, before heading back down.

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At the end of each day’s adventures, take it slow and stroll down Old Phuket Town, and eat your way around at some of these trusted places.