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Muay Thai Lesson in Pattaya
Muay Thai Lesson in Pattaya
Muay Thai Lesson in Pattaya
Muay Thai-The Sport of Kings
Muay Thai Lesson in Pattaya

It was once a game of kings and its techniques used by Siamese soldiers on the battlefield. A few centuries later, Muay Thai has evolved to become Thailand’s national sport and favourite pastime.

At Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya, where world boxing champion Kwanthai Sitmorseng teaches Muay Thai, mind approach is being taught to students. He says, “Every part of the body has to work in harmony. We use the mind to control the body, and to really concentrate on overcoming nervousness. That is the mind of a fighter.”

One look at Kwanthai Sitmorseng, a WBA Minimum-weight World champion, and you might underestimate the prowess and strength of the 30 year-old. He appears affable, mild-mannered, and even soft-spoken. But listen to his story and see him in action, and you’ll witness fire in his spirit.The optimism, determination, and will to overcome whatever obstacles that are placed before him is inspiring.

"Muay Thai changed my life" as quoted by Kwanthai. Orphaned when he was just six years old, Kwanthai picked up Muay Thai at the age of 15 when he saw his friends in the ring. At first, Muay Thai was just a means of putting food on the table. Today, the sport has shaped the person he has become. “If not for Muay Thai, I would not be where I am today. When I’m in the ring, I feel excited and challenged. I’m a man. I can protect my loved ones,”Kwanthai says.

Muay Thai is great for self-defence. It also helps in health maintenance, strength, and mental focus. The sport relies on understanding one’s own strengths, knowing the opponent’s weaknesses, and reacting swiftly to the present situation.

At Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya, classes start with simple stretching and warm-up exercises like rope skipping. Basic moves such as punching, kicking, and learning the correct stance are then taught.

The experience is cathartic, fun, and stress-releasing. Best of all, everyone can learn Muay Thai, just as long as one has an interest in it. “Muay thai makes you stronger, in both mind and body. One learns about life too, through the practice of Muay Thai,” Kwanthai says with a smile.

Where to Learn:
Muay thai lessons are available at Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya
Price: THB 1,200 (US$33) for walk-in guests
THB1,000 (US$28) for Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya's guest

There is a 20% discount for a package of 10 lessons, and all training is conducted one-to-one, by WBA Minimumweight Champion Kwanthai Sitmorseng.

Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya
429 Moo 9, Pattaya Beach Road
Cholburi ,Thailand
Tel: +66 38 428755-9