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Valid 2 Jun

Stay at the Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya and get free transfers and ticket to the world's first Cartoon Network Amazone themed waterpark.


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Muay Thai Package
Valid 1 Jun till 23 Dec 2016

Stay at Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya and train 1 on 1 with a champion!

Experience Hard Rock Pattaya and learn Thailand's national sport, Muay Thai, also know

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Penang, the Pearl of the Orient

A fascinating fusion of the East and West, Penang embraces modernity while retaining its t

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Explore Langkawi -Sky Cab
Langkawi SkyCab (Cable Car)

To see the most of Langkawi in the shortest time, the cable car would be the choice mode o

Jom! Ikan Bakar!

Jom Ikan Bakar, a stall selling nasi campur (rice with various meat and vegetable side dis

Explore Langkawi - Seafood Restaurant
Fish Farm Restaurant

This restaurant located at Pantai Penarak,at Pantai Penarak, a sheltered bay with a nice v

Explore Langkawi - Night Market
Kuah Town Night Market

Trigger your senses with a mix of culture, food, colonial history and its architectural in

Explore Langkawi - Night Market

Tradition Meets Modernity

The Island Issue

Delve deeper into the different aspects of local life and one soon discovers a wondrous sense of interconnectedness in Bali. It is a people in tune to their land and the heavens. A people whose ways of life—past, present, and future—are s

Explore Langkawi - Night Market

A Connection with the Spiritual

The Island Issue

Beyond a connection to the physical, the Balinese also share a close communion with the spiritual. A visit to a high priest such as the highly revered Ida Pendanda Ngenjung will show you just how deeply connected and in tune the people are to the div

Explore Langkawi - Night Market

Food from the Gods

The Island Issue

In Bali, food is a way to truly understand the local way of life. To the Balinese, food contains mysterious life-giving power. The land, its fertility, and abundance are all possessions of the gods, and since food comes from the land, it must invaria